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Scenic Drives
Are you a Sunday driver? Looking for stunning and unique scenery to quench an unquenchable thirst for beauty? The Mt. Hood Scenic Drive is your best bet for the ultimate scenic drives. Mountains, lakes, rivers, the Columbia River Gorge, Hood River County, waterfalls, and more await you along our scenic highways. Take time to explore them all.

Hood River Fruit Loop
The Fruit Loop is just an hour away from Oregon’s largest city, Portland. Located in the national scenic area called the Columbia River Gorge, and the nation’s largest pear-growing region, this is one of the few places that offers the complete experience of growing, producing, and then enjoying fruit and wine.

Take this 35-mile, scenic drive through the valley’s orchards, forests, farmlands, and friendly communities. Sample delicious fruits and take your favorites home, visit a winery, experience fields of fragrant lavender, meet adorable alpacas, savor delicious baked goods, and create memories by participating in family activities hosted at Fruit Loop locations throughout the year

Mt. Hood Infinity Loop
This link takes you to a map of the loop from Troutdale (I-84 east) out to Hood River (Highway 35-south), around Mt. Hood (Highway 26-west) and back into Portland. Views of the Gorge are breathtaking as wind along roads through old growth forests and farmlands; culminating in the spectacular Mt. Hood. This loop will take you around Mt. Hood and show what all of the natural beauty that it has to offer. Stop along at one the popular National Landmarks (Timberline Lodge) that sits at the 6,000 feet up on Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood Trillium Lake Multnomah Falls Timberline Lodge Vista House

Historic Columbia River Highway
The old highway 30 winds all the way from the west-coast through eastern Oregon. Historical landmarks and kiosks along the way make the adventure a learning experience. Waterfalls, history, old tunnels, and beautiful views of the Gorge await you. Stop at a few of the popular places along the way to see what beauty it has like Crown Point Overlook – Vista House (overlooks the Columbia Gorge in both directions) and Multnomah Falls (it is 620 feet plummet, making it the highest in the state of Oregon and second in the nation).

Columbia River